Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tommy Sept. 21-25, 2005

All of the following assignments are due for completion by Sunday, September 25, 2005. Completion of each assignment on time with satisfactory progress earns you Homework Reward Credit, redeemable for privileges.

Ancient Civilization Lesson 2
Draw a picture of a ziggurat using two-point perspective. Draw in pencil, on drawing paper. If desired, finish with colored pencils.

Choose one of the following writing projects to complete.
a. Find out more about the city of Ur and why it was an important discovery. Write at least 300 words, giving specific examples in your discussion.
b. Look up the Sumerians in an encyclopedia (or other resource) and find examples of their accomplishments. List and describe what you discover, writing at least 300 words.

Math Lesson 8: Application 2 (Money in the Bank)
Read: (Click “Take the complete interactive tour.”)
Explore, Practice, and Demonstrate:
•Complete the lessons at . After you have finished the lessons and the assessment, print out your certificate.
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Math Lesson 9: Synthesis & Review
•Any previous material you don’t feel you’ve mastered
•Extra (Roman numerals summary): (optional)
Explore: (OK to print.) (OK to print.) (Practice.)
Demonstrate: (Show an adult you beat the “hard” level.)
• The Mayans used a base 5 number system, the Babylonians used base 60, and we use base 10. Computers use a binary (base 2) number system, because their circuits register only as “on” or “off.” Create an activity to teach someone else how the computer’s internal system works. Show your activity to a parent.
• Explain to an adult why using a checking account requires an understanding of positive and negative numbers with decimals.
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Science Lesson 1
The Scientific Method
• Analysis of observation exercise: please type at least 100 words.
• To be a Scientist Essay: If you could be any kind of scientist, what kind would you be? Why? Describe what your life would be like as the scientist you imagine.
• Quiz:

Homeword Reward Credit
There are 7 assignments available for credit this week.
• Ziggurat picture
• Sumerian essay
• Math Lesson 8 (certificate is proof)
• Math Lesson 9 (adult verifies completion)
• Observation Analysis
• To Be a Scientist Essay
• Science Quiz